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Feeling exhausted, burnt out, and sick and effing tired of false starts, sporadic marketing, and a lack of real traction.

Whew! Now that we’ve got the yucky part out of the way…

  • You have an email list (technically speaking!) but you’re not emailing them consistently…because who's got time for that?!

  • You feel like you should “post more”on social media, but no matter how many times you add it to your to-do list, you just…can’t get yourself to do it. (And tbh you’re not 100% sure it’s leading to any sales anyway).

  • You have a lead magnet (maybe?) but totally forgot to promote it until you read this sentence. Whoops!

let's break it down:

You’re spending a whole lot of time thinking about (and sometimes doing) email marketing, but is it getting you results?

I see you.

I didn't think so...

All of the emails you could ever need to grow, nurture, and sell to your email list!

Make More Money with Emails

And all of this leads to...


Launching soon!

Me in a nutshell? Think of Amy Poehler, but with 8 tattoos and an honest obsession with marketing systems and women making money. My work is one part copywriting, one part strategy, and one part mindset coaching because you need all of these skills to make more money with email. 

I'm a graduate of The Digital Marketing Institute and a Certified Funnel Pro – but who cares about certifications, really? Let’s talk results: My clients have crushed $100K+ launches, sold out their programs (without the depressing burnout of doing it alone), and booked out with dream clients on repeat (no more stressing about where their next sales are coming from).

Hi,I'm Jenn, your new favourite email marketing strategist. 

But it should feel like this (no jokes detected!):

Why? Because I’m about to make your email marketing life a whole lot easier!

Right now, online marketing feels like this:

This is the type of marketing that captures and nurtures the crap out of your audience. Most importantly? It leads to S-A-L-E-S.

Sales Funnels
Includes things like…

Lead Magnet
Nurture Emails
Sales Emails

This is the type of marketing that…
Answers the question…

How can you help me achieve my goals?

Social Media
Facebook/ Instagram Ads

Oh hi, who the F are you?!

This is the type of marketing that attracts NEW people to your universe. 

Includes things like…
This is the type of marketing that…
Answers the question…
Visibility Marketing

For the visual people like me, here’s what I mean. There are only 2 types of marketing: 

Once you have a fully functioning email marketing system, it’ll bring in leads and sales on the regular. 

Once you have a fully functioning email marketing system, it’ll bring in leads and sales on the regular. 

Whoops, there goes my email marketing brain taking over! 😉

[FIRST NAME] , once I’m
done with you, you’re going to be attracting clients
on autopilot.

As a course creator (or service provider), your email marketing is the main event of your marketing funnel.

  • Email is 37x more effective at making sales than Instagram (for every $1 you make with IG marketing, you’ll make $37 with email marketing).

  • Everyone on your email list receives your emails. No algorithms to fight with!

  • Emails can last for years without having to re-schedule. Social media posts do not!

here's why:

Here’s how: I’m going to show you how to build + nurture your email sales funnel.

The point I’m trying to make is:

Want to make money?
Email marketing is where it’s at.

Remember a minute ago when I told you that I’m going to make your marketing life a lot easier? 

This could be a webinar for a course launch, an application to work with you, a sales call with a potential client. This is the gateway from email nurturing to email sales!


Teach your audience that you are an authority in your field, give them tangible mini-results, and guide them to BUY from you.

10/30 Nurture Sequence

The CTA is the action you want someone to take to say yes to your “sales event”.

Call to Action

Your audience learns who you are and exactly how you can help them.

Welcome Sequence

The gateway to your email list is an opt-in offer (freebie, lead magnet, whatever you want to call it!)

Opt-In Offer

People come into your funnel from your visibility-based marketing (social media, networking, PR, etc).

Visibility Marketing

Here are the 6 elements of your marketing funnel:

At the end of the day, a “funnel” is really just a bunch of emails guiding your clients to buy.

But what the F even is a funnel?
email marketing
Social media

On Instagram, you can see everything people post and how many followers they have. On email, you only see the emails you’re getting. This makes our brains think social media is more important – it’s IN YOUR FACE!

You don’t get likes and comments on your emails, which doesn’t hit those dopamine receptors (many entrepreneurs are focusing on how many unsubscribes they get which actually discourages them from sending emails!)

Social media has been designed to hijack our brains and give us dopamine hits. Social media feels good even if email is the mechanism making the sales.

(It’s true - email marketing is the plain Jane, neglected middle child of your funnel just like Jan is the middle child. Social media is the sparkly, witty and beautiful older sister who gets all the “likes”.)

Think of it like The Brady Bunch (I am showing my age here…) social media is the Marsha and email marketing is the Jan!

If you have neglected growing, nurturing, or selling to your email list, I want you to know it’s not your fault.

The reason email marketing gets deprioritized is because it doesn’t have the sex appeal of Instagram and the rest of social media.

Why are most entrepreneurs not focusing on it?

Trust me: You want to be the Jan. Reliable. Dependable.
Not a shiny distraction.

Growth + Nurturing

24 hours-ish

Visibility (top of funnel)

Nurturing (mid funnel)

Best for:


Primary purpose:

Secondary purpose:

Return on investment:
Nurturing + Selling


(mid funnel)

(bottom of funnel)


If email is so important...

Return on investment:
Best for:

Primary purpose:

Secondary purpose:

Have I convinced you it’s time to stop scrolling Instagram and open up your
dusty email marketing software yet?

Are you ready?

Launch your online course (+ book your services!) with my proven + powerful pre-launch and launch email sequences.


Set up the foundation of your “once and done” email system that turns strangers into fans with my welcome sequence and 10/30 nurture sequence.


Open the floodgates to growing your email list by setting up an MVP Opt-In Offer and leveraging my 3 unique list building strategies.


Over the course of 12 weeks, I will show you how to set up the 3 pillars of an email marketing system that makes sales on autopilot:

In Make More Money With Emails you will set up an email marketing system once and reap the rewards for years to come.

phase 3
phase 1
phase 2

By now you’re probably like “Alright Jenn, I get it. Email marketing is the shit. Just tell me the details!”

So here goes nothin’...

Here's how it all breaks down:

Phase 1 - Grow

Let’s fill your email list with ideal clients!


By the end of this week you will have created and launched your MVP Opt-In! This starts out as your “minimally viable” opt-in but quickly becomes your most valuable opt-in. (See what I did there?)

what's included

Come up with the perfect name for your MVP Opt-In using my Rapid Fire Naming Exercise.

Use my templates + steps to create a high converting landing page for your MVP Opt-In offer.

Quickly create a highly compelling MVP Opt-In offer that is sure to attract new leads to your email list (our goal!)

Use my “X Opt-In Ideas for Every Niche” cheat sheet to identify the best–and easiest– one for you to create fast.

what's included:
Week 1 - MVP Opt-In

It’s time to get the right people on your email list. This week, you’ll follow my step-by-step process for getting in front of other people’s audiences (OPA) quickly (and ick-free!)

what's included

Use my ick-free pitch template to draft your pitches this week.

Follow the Guesting Formula for exactly what to say during your guest appearances to make sure it leads to opt-ins for your list! (Because this is your #1 CTA)

Follow the Where are my people at? Exercise to identify the best people you can pitch (who are likely to say yes!) 

Choose which one of the 3 OPA strategies you will use to grow your list (IG lives, guest expert, podcast guest).

what's included:
Week 2 - Be My Guest

Let’s use social media for what it’s best at - filling your email funnel! This week, you’re going to promote your MVP Opt-In on social media with what I call the “Opt-In As Content” strategy to ensure you are getting as many people off of social media and onto your email list as possible.

what's included

The 3x CTA method you can implement in all of your content (no matter the platform) to ensure no one is missing out on getting your MVP Opt-In!

Simple strategies for
getting more opt-ins from social media for every platform (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok)

The one reel template you can use over and over again on Instagram that drives new opt-ins like c-r-a-z-y.

Lazy marketing: Automate opt-ins from your Instagram content using ManyChat (there’s a free option!)

what's included:
Week 3 - Opt-In As Content

Now that you’ve got opt-ins rolling in, it’s time to pour gasoline on the fire with one of my favourite content creation methods of all time. This week, you will create one video that you can use in 10 (or more!) pieces of content. And I’m going to walk you through every step of the process.

what's included

Follow my step-by-step instructions for creating a video in the easiest + quickest way possible. You’ve just got to trust me– once you’ve tried this strategy you won’t go back to what you were doing before!

Use the 10-in-One Video Method for (quickly!) scripting, recording, and editing your video into 10 pieces of content.

Schedule and post your 10-in-One videos using my CTA to drive more traffic to your email list.

what's included:
Week 4 - 10-in-One Video Method

Phase 2- Nurture

Turn subscribers into raving fans on autopilot.


Wait, you mean I don’t have to create new content every single week to nurture my audience?! Embracing the strategy I’m going to teach in Phase 2 will require shifting the way you think about marketing – and that’s going to rattle your mindset. This week we’ll go over the nurture strategy at a high level and address the mindset blocks that might be preventing you from taking action.

what's included

Overview of just how simple your welcome + nurture sequences can be (and what happens if you have multiple opt-ins or someone subscribes to your email list twice!)

No more weekly newsletters! Instead, I’m going to teach you how to create your nurture emails once and scale them forever.

what's included:
Week 5 - Nurture on Autopilot 101

What emails do you need to send to turn a stranger into a brand-new bestie in the span of one week? That’s exactly what I’m going to teach you in this module! By the end of this week, you will have finished writing your 5-Day Welcome Sequence for new subscribers!

what's included

Use my templates to turn strangers into raving fans who are ready to buy from you when you make your offer.

Write a Welcome Sequence that introduces you and your offers so that everyone on your list is on the same page about who you are and what you do.

Have a solid sequence to send to anyone who comes across your biz — instead of them hearing crickets for weeks on end. 

what's included:
Week 6 - Welcome Sequence

You’ve probably heard of nurture sequences, but I know you’ve never seen anything like this! The 10/30 Nurture Sequence is my proprietary formula for rapidly building rapport with new subscribers (aka besties) and priming them to be ready to buy your signature offer. By the end of this week you will have finished writing your 10/30 Nurture Sequence (we’ll set it up next week!)

what's included

Give massive value to your customers to not only show them you are the bomb.com in your field, but offer them real solutions to their real problems to help them know, trust, and like you — and leave them wanting more.

Create what I call your 10/30 Nurture Sequence to rapidly turn new subscribers into raving fans who are ready to buy from you or hire you.

Finally have a sequence of emails that is both (a) crafted to mentally prime your subscribers to buy and (b) nurtures your subscribers without you having to lift a finger once it’s done!

what's included:
Week 7 - 10/30 Nurture Sequence

It’s amazing how often setting up the tech prevents biz owners from setting up their email sequences– the very sequences that are guaranteed to bring you consistent clients and cash! Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! This week I’ll show you how to set up your email sequences so that the right people get them (and don’t get them more than once!)

what's included

How to ensure your subscribers aren’t getting more emails than they’re supposed to (and don’t go through your Welcome sequence more than once). No angry emails from your audience!

Overview of how email marketing software programs “think” about sequences (even though they all have different terminology and details) so you can navigate the platform of your choice.

Step-by-step process for setting up your Welcome + Nurture sequences in ConvertKit (my email marketing platform of choice!)

what's included:
Week 8 - Set Up Your Sequences (Le tech!)

Phase 3 - Sell

Send emails that make your ideal clients say “hell yes!”


Listen: If you don’t feel really good about sending sales emails, you’re never going to send any sales emails. In this module, I’m going to show you how you need to think about writing and sending sales emails in order to hit your revenue goal. 

what's included

Cleanse your marketing of your “bro marketing” trauma (and your fear of being seen as one) once and for all! 

“I don’t want to annoy people! “I’ll tell you how to overcome the fear of sending too many emails to your list (and how many emails you actually need to send).

How to get into the sales mindset to feel really good about sharing your offers with your audience. In other words? This is how you have to think about sales in order to…make sales. 

what's included:
Week 9 - Selling with Email 101

Got a live launch or promotion coming up? Then you need to warm up your email list in advance! This week you will write the emails that get your list ready to buy in the weeks leading up to your course launch (and make them excited to attend your webinar, etc!)

what's included

The Pre-Launch Email Arc: How to pick your Pre-Launch themes to ensure your emails are touching on the topics your subscribers need to see before they’re ready to buy your offer.

The 3 things you must include in every high-impact pre-launch email to overcome objections and get people excited about your offer.

The #1 mistake that you are making in your pre-launch emails and how to fix it in one minute.

what's included:
Week 10- Pre-Launch Sequence

This module will pay for the entire course in and of itself. This is the fun part (for me, at least!) It’s time to write sales emails that you can use over and over again to sell your course or service.

what's included

My epic “Cart is open” email template that is basically a sales page within an email!

Learn the “One-a-day” Launch Email Sequence you can use to promote every offer you create.

The 4 Core Moments in your launch email sequence that you must hit in order to make sales.

what's included:
Week 11 - Launch Sequence

Congrats on your launch! Now that you have created all of your email sequences, how do you know if they’re working? How do you know what to tweak? As a biz owner it’s key that you know how to track your numbers (even if you’re SO NOT a numbers person).

what's included

Finally feel 100% in control over your results – even if you don’t hit the numbers you wanted– instead of your results controlling you. 

How do you know if your funnel is actually working? Follow my exact routine for tracking your vital email stats using my Email Marketing Tracker.

Learn how to identify which emails need to be updated/tweaked and what exactly in that email needs to be updated/tweaked.

what's included:
Week 12 - Data Over Drama
Facebook Community
12 Weekly Coaching Calls

A place to ask questions, share your email drafts, and get support from both myself and your fellow students.

I will host a live call every week for 12 weeks to answer your questions, help you get un-stuck, and coach you through the program.

You will get a template for every single email for all 4 of your core sequences.

Jenn’s Ginormous Template Library

In Make More Money with Emails, I want to make email marketing easy by giving you…

I will be reviewing your: 

Opt-In Offer
Welcome Sequence
Nurture Sequence
Pre-Launch Sequence
Launch Sequence

This is your opportunity to get my marketing eyeballs on your emails!

I know firsthand how helpful it can be to get another set of eyes on your writing–all the better when that set of eyes is attached to the brain of a copywriter!

In this VIP option, you will be given a deadline for when to submit each of your email sequences (late submissions will not be accepted). 

This is a great way to get extra feedback AND hold yourself accountable to getting the work done. 

Get my feedback on your Opt-In and Core 4 Email Sequences!

VIP Upgrade, anyone?

only 10 spots

$1997 USD
*VIP* Make More Money with Emails
$997 USD
*if you are a FEllow Canadian, I have special pricing for you*
Make More Money With Emails

Enroll in Make More Money With Emails today!

    Get on the waitlist!

    Be the first to get on the waitlist for an extra special bonus when doors open! *Hint hint* it’s really good!

      Get on the VIP waitlist!

      Be the first to get on the VIP waitlist for an extra special bonus when doors open! *Hint hint* it’s really good!

      Video tutorials walking you through how to do everything you need to do tech-wise to be successful with email marketing.

      Email Marketing Tech Toolkit

      Your landing page is the doorway to your email list. Learn how to build a
      high-converting landing page to
      bring in more leads.

      The Landing Page Formula


      Because I want to make sure you have everything you need in order to get the biggest results (i.e. sales + money!) possible, you’re also getting the following slew of bonuses:

      You had to know there’d be bonuses…

      Value $250

      + The 5 elements of a high-converting landing page needs
      + Explore the tech options for your landing pages (because you will need a lot to pitch those MVP Opt-Ins
       + The formula for a a killer headline

      Value $250

      + Finally figure out the difference between tags and segments
      + “Ok, but how do I get people INTO my funnel?” I’ve got you ;)
      + What to do if your funnel ‘breaks’

      In this bonus I’m teaching you how to repurpose all of your content (past, present, and future) into a never-ending newsletter. This means your subscribers will be nurtured forever without you having to write another weekly newsletter ever again!

      The Infinite Newsletter Sequence

      Not a writer? Hate writing, even? Friend, you are not alone. You need a proven process for making it easy to crank out emails so that perfectionism won’t stand in your way.

      Copy Clinic: Goodbye, Writer’s Block!


      Value $250

      + 37 ideas for email content so you never get stuck again
      + ChatGPT prompts to save you hours
      + Coaching to get past your perfectionism and just hit SEND.

      Value $999

      + Learn how to take a popular Instagram post and turn it into email sales
      + Create content that does double-duty. Turn your blog posts into emails (and vice versa)

      (This is how much my done-for-you clients pay!)

      One of the most missed opportunities for list building is the list building webinar. This is a fantastic strategy for getting in front of other people’s audiences.

      Webinars for List Building 

      You’ve got your pre-launch sequence ready to promote your webinar…but you need a webinar to make the sales! In this bonus training you’ll get a full breakdown of how to create a high-converting webinar.

      Webinars for Launching

      BONUSES TO HELP YOU WITH webinars:
      Value $499

      + Pick a webinar topic that converts
      + Learn how to give value without giving away the kitchen sink
       + Pitch your course or service without that icky feeling

      Value $499

      + Create a piece of short-form content that has people jumping on your list
      + Learn how to breakdown your teaching concept into a bite sized piece of learning
      + Launch your leads from mini-webinar to your nurture funnel

      Here are the top 10 signs you
      are my actual dream client :

      Oh, hi, fellow high-achieving, perfectionist! If hitting SEND makes you queasy because you want to get it ‘right’, you are in the right place.


      Every week you write ‘Send an email to my list’ on your to-do list, but magically it never gets crossed off…


      You’ve been throwing email marketing spaghetti at the wall and have no idea what is sticking or why.


      You don’t need to be convinced that email marketing is the shiz. But where do you even start?? I’ve got you.


      You are in ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ land of email marketing, but you KNOW that if you want to scale and get this task off your plate, you need to invest in the time it takes to build your email marketing strategy.


      You are watching that bottom line in your biz and want an affordable option that packs a punch (so you can use those email marketing dollars to reinvest in your biz).


      You are a DIY girlie who loves owning every aspect of her marketing systems. Yes, you may hire down the line, but you want to learn the ins and outs of a winning email marketing strategy.


      Make More Money With Emails is created for biz owners looking to GROW.

      You know, in your heart of hearts, that it is time to put on your big girl panties and grow this incredible business you have built. You are ready!


      The idea of selling makes you nauseous.


      You love a good joke, a kind heart, and a teacher who feels like your new BFF.


      When you send an email to your email list, you know that 100% of your subscribers will get that email (this is not the case for social media marketing). Plus, because fewer entrepreneurs are leveraging this immense power, there is less saturation in people’s inboxes than on their IG feeds these days.

      Now that you have the proper foundations set up, it’s time to send more and more traffic to sign up for your email list from your “visibility marketing” (Instagram, social media, etc)... because they will actually turn into buyers!

      #3 You get more attention (and sales) from your audience.

      #2 Your “visibility marketing” will actually lead to sales.

      As you rinse + repeat the growth strategies in Phase 1, you will have a steady set of leads coming to your email list for your MVP Opt-In who are then nurtured and sold by your Core 4 sequences.

      #1 You never have to do it again.

      Launch Sequence
      Pre-Launch Sequence
      Nurture Sequence
      Welcome Sequence

      Once you set up your
      core 4 email sequences in
      Make More Money With Emails...

      Even with a relatively small list (<250 subscribers) you’ll start seeing sales come in quickly once you implement the 4 Core Email Sequences.

      We start with your MVP opt-in and build your sequences in chronological order because by the time you set up your sales sequence, I want you to have a whole bunch of subscribers who are chomping at the bit to buy from you!

      Remember: While you will get sales “fast”, your email marketing is a long game and as long as you keep it.

      Already have an email list and something to sell? 

      My email list is tiny. Am I ready for this?

      That’s great! Part of the goal here is to grow your email list!

      Specifically, I want to help you grow your list in ways that attract ideal potential customers and nurtures those leads so that they DO become paying customers.

      I already have a welcome sequence, nurture sequence, launch sequence.

      I hear this all the time and with all due respect…

      I bet you a million dollars you haven’t done it my way… which is the best way 😛

      I’m not saying this to be cocky.

      I’m saying this because I want you to set up a welcome sequence, nurture sequence, pre-launch sequence, and launch sequence that are STRATEGIC AF and actually going to move someone from just meeting you to becoming obsessed with what you do.

      Plug and play templates for every single email you need to write.

      Copywriting Clinic where I will teach you how to write copy

      An option to upgrade to VIP where I give you feedback on your copy

      Deep breath, my friend.

      But Jenn, I REALLY hate writing. Please don’t make me do it.

      First of all, I do get it. Writing can be excruciating. But it’s also one of the most powerful skills you can learn for your business.

      In Make More Money With Emails, I’m equipping you with everything you need to ace this email marketing stuff:

      Worst case scenario? You can pay your VA to go through the course and write the emails for you!

      $1997 USD
      *VIP* Make More Money with Emails
      $997 USD
      Make More Money With Emails

      Enroll in Make More Money With Emails today!

        Get on the waitlist!

        Be the first to get on the waitlist for an extra special bonus when doors open! *Hint hint* it’s really good!

          Get on the VIP waitlist!

          Be the first to get on the VIP waitlist for an extra special bonus when doors open! *Hint hint* it’s really good!

          Yup. Whatever your offering, you can scale with email marketing. 


          If you’ve never sent an email, there is a place for you here. Your learning curve may be steeper BUT you start your email marketing journey on the right foot.


          The thing about this course is that you will reuse this system over and over again with every offer.

          Here’s a little tidbit from the course: You are going to want an opt-in for each offer and tweaks to your nurture funnels/launch sequences for each offer.

          We work on ONE journey during this course, then you head out on your own and rinse and repeat as needed.


          Here’s the problem…I am a people pleaser…which means I tend to over-deliver ;)

          What I can promise is that I will address everything from mindset issues around selling to the strategy that will work best for your business to copywriting tweaks on our weekly calls. You can also ask questions in the Facebook group.

          I also have a VIP offer for those who want direct and specific feedback on every piece of copy you write during our 12 weeks together.


          Once you sign up for the course, you have access to all of the materials. Because of this, I do not offer refunds.

          If you have any questions at all about whether this course is right for you, please contact me. I want to make sure this course is the right fit for you. 


          You get access to the content for the life of the course.

          In terms of feedback, you get access to my strategy and copywriter brain for 12 entire weeks.


          Official registration opens March 25th, 2024 with our first day of 'class' on April 8th, 2024.


          Live calls will take place on Thursdays at 7pm EST. This gives you a chance to dig into the content of the week and then ask any questions you need to heading into the weekend.


          There are lots of chances for support.

          1) We will have a Facebook Group where you can post your questions.
          2) All of the calls will be recorded and put in the 'vault'. You can submit a question and I will answer it on the call even if you can't attend.
          3) You have the option to upgrade to VIP if you want some 1:1 attention on your funnel copy.


          Yup!  I want you to make the best decision for you. If you have any questions I haven't answered, or just want to make sure I am a real human who can help you, please reach out.