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Starts to seem kinda LOLz, right???

➕ the business you run and causes you care about (yeah, I see you),
➕ dates with your fam and friends (and meeting their needs too),
➕ there’s the whole taking care of yourself thing #selfcare,
➕ then making time to thoughtfully sit down, review, and implement an entirely new (but wildly more effective) organic marketing plan? 

Add to that → 

You’re also a woman. Which means, whether you like it or not, you’re likely juggling far more plates than any one human being ever should.

That’s what you are.

Smart. Kind. Powerful. Brave. Changemaker. Collaborative. Feminist.

The truth is – it’s none of those things.

Okay, I need to generate more consistent, regular, business to grow — so what’s the fastest path to getting there? 

  • Is it ads? 
  • Is it hiring an agency? 
  • Is it hustling harder and doing it all myself?

You’ve likely asked yourself: 

And you don’t want to stay exactly where you are. 

You want to expand, grow, ignite entire movements, and also make more ca-ching ca-ching. 

NOT getting your marketing in order is also the very thing that’s keeping your business EXACTLY where it is. 

But the problem is:

Getting those automated marketing systems rocking for you is that ONE thing that’s been sitting on the to-do list forevermore (getting pushed back again and again) because it’s never priority #1 and you’re a busy lady – 

I know, you’re already SO glad you found me. ;-)

And, while that is a boss move, it’s hundo P not the look you’re going for. {If we’re burning anything around here, it’s bras, not cash!}

But that’s precisely why I’m here – to take your honest investment and flip it into an ROI that continues generating results for you, on repeat - so you are even more resourced to go out there and do your worst!
(Or best.)

Because giving Zuckerburg all of your money before you have established killer free marketing systems is basically like lighting money on fire.

I’m the wizard-behind-the-curtain of Make More Money with Emails – also known as: your soon-to-be business bestie and the best investment you’ll make this year.


Because I’m here to swoop in and handle all the email marketing madness for you. Think of me like a super cool personal organizer – I’m going to get into and under the mess in that closet, clean it up, grab the right containers for the job and BOOM: you’ll be left with an instantly simplified, effective system that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: make your life and business run way more smoothly so you get loads of time, energy, and lifeforce back (not to mention 10 new perfectly nurtured, qualified leads per month). 

I'm Jenn Green!

Before I started supporting service-based women-owned businesses with their marketing, I ran Baby Mama Fitness, baby for 8 years, and effortlessly booked out my classes and filled my schedule with mamas I loved to support. All with simple, organic marketing. No. Ads. Required.

Extra fun facT: I had a fitness business

This makes me really great at stepping into YOUR brand character and writing as you when it’s time to nail those emails. I actually moved to Toronto when I was 17 (OMG 23 YEARS AGO!) after my first pro-acting gig. But the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to stop the crazy life of touring and late nights.

I was a professional working actor.

Conor and I actually met when I was engaged to someone else and he was with a partner of 6 years. 😅 6 months before I was supposed to get married, my now-husband told me he loved me and that he was leaving his partner. We have now been together for 16 years, married for 11.

I live with the love of my life Conor and our now 10-year-old son Sully. 

Of my 7 tattoos, this phrase (that I have inked in French) is my favourite! I’ve been privileged enough to go through a lot of hardship and come out of it stronger and better – and I’ve learned over my 40 years of life that no matter what comes, I’ve got it – and summer will always return.

“In the middle of Winter, I learned there was within me an invincible summer.” 

I'm a graduate of The Digital Marketing Institute, and true marketing nerd – but who cares about certifications, really? Let’s talk results: My clients have crushed $100K+ launches, sold out their programs (without the depressing burnout of doing it alone), and booked out with dream clients on repeat (no more stressing about where their next sales are coming from).

I’m a certified Funnel Pro®

I am from a really small town called Quispamsis in New Brunswick, Canada a.k.a. The Maritimes which is a HUGE source of pride for me. We’re kinda known for being the NICEST people. And that baked-in kindness definitely shows up in how I serve my clients. I really care!

I hail from the kindest place on earth (no, not Disneyworld)

Think of Amy Poehler, but with 8 tattoos and an honest obsession with marketing systems and women making money.  

Funny you should ask...

Who am I and WHY would I ever want to do this kind of work? 

And now, for the million dollar question:

I really care about financial freedom for women, and it’s personal for me…

To go even farther back in time, I was raised by a teen mom, in a trailer park, and I’ve since come a longggg way. 

At some point, I decided to make different choices for myself so I could shift the generational patterns and create something new for my family. 

I’m also totally the person who hassles my sisters to start their own business. That’s how much I believe having your own business is key to creating financial freedom as a woman… it is advice I give to two of my favourite humans! 

I’ve personally seen women struggle to leave abusive situations because their financial security (and the security for their family) had to come first.

So, to me, financial freedom for women isn’t about being able to choose the “extras” like spa days and pedicures. 

(Sure, I want you to have those if you want them too.)

Financial freedom to ME is freedom from other people. It’s about being able to make decisions from a truly secure place.

This matters to me for my community (large and small) and my clients.

this isn't just about Email marketing to me...

Email Marketing is about what becomes possible when women are
making more money – they can be free.

Free to choose. 
Free to help.
Free to give.
Free to love.
Free to leave.
Free to live how they really want to.

Most of all, I know that when women make more money, the world improves for all of us.

Did you know that up to 93% of women give to charity, volunteer, and otherwise reinvest their time, energy, and money BACK into their communities, compared to 80% of men?

Women are the best.

Let's get them paid more (starting with you) so we can build a better world.


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💗 I believe in honesty.
💗 I believe in justice.
💗 I believe Black Lives Matter.
💗 I believe LGBTQ2+ rights are fundamental. 
💗 I believe women are underpaid.
💗 I believe that feminism should be intersectional.
💗 I believe that children are never too young to learn these things.
💗 I believe that education, healthcare, and housing are fundamental rights and should be given to everyone. (And I would pay more taxes if we could live in that society.)

And a bit about my values...

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