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Stop phoning in your marketing and let’s finally set up a system that works  so you can sell out your waitlist, make more money, and change your little corner of the world. 

The Marketing Makeover

Want to make more money?

(More like the Marketing Fairy Godmother… 🪄✨)

You’re not even sure what’s actually working (or not) so you can double down on what will truly amplify your results. 😢

The hard truth? (Brace yourself, friend.)

You know exactly what you SHOULD do but the fact is… you’re not doing it.

  • You’re not writing regular emails to your list that drive business
  • You’re not posting the right content consistently on social media
  • You’re not updating your website and making sure it’s user-friendly
  • You’re not promoting a relevant lead magnet that attracts ideal clientele
  • You’re not attracting new business and nurturing them in funnels
  • You’re not even tracking your leads!!!

***insert dramatic fainting here 🫠*** 

You’ve got
some big
dreams, and your business has MASSIVE potential. 

Hey Boss,

You’re busy serving customers and clients, living your beautiful life, and loving on your family and people. 🙃

The Problem?

Filling up a waitlist, crushing launches, and welcoming new clients every single day! 🤩

where you'd like to go:

Successful, but not much consistent growth. 😕

where you are now:

But you need more than duct tape and vision boards to hold your marketing together to get there!

You’ve got some big dreams, and your business has MASSIVE potential.


Where I’ll personally build your high-performing client generation ecosystem so you can sell out your waitlist, make even more money and change your little corner of the world (without putting in more time, spending cash on ads, or adding more complex software to your tech stack).

A 90-Day High-Touch Process

That’s why I created
The Marketing Makeover

You watch 10+ new leads apply to work with you and buy your products and services every month, without lifting a finger – all you have to do is show up and enroll 

You book out a waitlist and never again wonder where that next client is coming from (*insert massive sigh of relief here*)

You’re finally making the amount of money you’ve been wanting to make (but wondering how it’s even possible with a small, lean team. Spoiler: this is how)

You feel the sweet relief of having a functional, professional, legit marketing system in place – like a real CEO (not just one who’s faking it while they make it)

You have a bigger impact in the world because you know you can reach more people with more ease now, and finally start to see the growth potential you’ve always dreamt of but never fully believed was possible… 






Because you know what happens when your marketing system hits all the right notes? 

You could sell out your waitlist, make more money, and have clients banging down your door every single month. 

But imagine if...

This is for you IF:

Opt-in page copy

Lead Magnet funnel copy

A new Lead Magnet written

Full Nurture or Launch funnel written

Website copy edit 

Everything from the Marketing Makeover PLUS…

For busy entrepreneurs who want a high-touch service with all of the benefits of a full marketing strategy PLUS the added bonus of a conversion copywriter reviewing their website copy and creating their new email sequence guaranteed to have your clients asking, ‘How soon can I work with you?’.

The Marketing Makeover VIP

This is for you IF:

8+ hours of private strategy and review calls.

Setup for your Nurture funnel, lead magnet delivery and opt-in page.

Templates for your Nurture funnel and lead magnet.

Audit of your marketing systems - website, emails, and socials.

For entrepreneurs who want a legit strategist to swoop in, review their entire marketing engine, and give it the tune-up (or replacement) it’s been desperately needing to bring in more sales. 

The Marketing Makeover 

There are 2 ways you can work with me:

You want to be hands-on in the process, enjoy writing your own copy, and need a budget-friendly marketing bestie!

You want a marketing specialist to handle it all, don't have the time to DIY, and have the budget to invest in a top-tier marketing system.

The best way to continue to optimize is to make sure we can track it all! We’ll set up the tracking so metrics are being pulled and clarified – this way you know what to look for, and what to do with those numbers once you have them!

Step 6: Metrics = Money 💵

After it’s optimized and built, we have to make sure it works! I’ll go through and test every single piece and ensure it’s all working properly.

Step 5: Quality Control 🎮

From there, I start implementing – writing, editing, optimizing, tech set up and more – from your website, lead magnet, emails, and socials. I’m like the wizard behind the curtain making it finally work like it’s meant to. *sigh*

Step 4: Implementation 👩🏼‍💻

After I’ve made my full assessment, we meet to discuss the strategy and go through it all together. By the end of the call, we’ve mapped out the ideal next steps and your personal marketing makeover plan!

Step 3: Your Custom Marketing Makeover Plan 🤩

Then I go off and do an in-depth audit of your website, email CRM, and socials (yes, I get into the good, the bad, and the ugly – throw me into the mess baby! I’m here to get it cleaned up and working like a pro!)

Step 2: Audit & Assess 📈

First, we begin with an in-depth intake questionnaire so I can really get to know your business and what your unique goals are, so we can get after them!

Step 1: Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You…🎶

Here’s what's included in the Marketing Makeover…

A Shiny New Tracking Dashboard for your new marketing system to track what is working and what isn’t!


I’ll provide long-form nurture funnel suggestions including how to repurpose blogs and social posts to create conversion email content, and what to start posting to attract new leads!


A full website audit for functionality, ease-of-use and conversions – I’ll review copy, structure, and where the lead magnet appears.

A full email marketing audit to check open rates, click-through-rates, any automations set up, and sales made directly through email.

A mini socials audit to check bio, content pillars, and sales directly through socials.

A nurture or launch funnel template for you to write your copy and then a full edit and setup from me once you are done.

A new Lead Magnet built to strategically align with your offering – including brainstorming and creation.

A brand-spankin’ new Lead Magnet funnel with copy for your confirmation and delivery email.

An opt-in page for the new Lead Magnet - built and tested.

8+ hours of private strategy and review calls with me throughout our entire process!

This all sounds amazing, but what’s actually included?

Can you say ca-ching, ca-ching??

Can you say
ca-ching, ca-ching?

That’s a copywriter’s converting words on your website, your lead magnet, your opt-in page, your lead magnet delivery emails, and your nurture funnel. 

A full website copy edit to clean up any lingering copy and clarify your message and offerings. Get a copywriter's eye on your biggest piece of marketing real estate.

A full nurture or launch funnel written and set up - including copy for up to 7 emails, tech, and testing.

A new Lead Magnet written to strategically align with your offering – including brainstorming, copy editing, and creation.

A brand-spankin’ new Lead Magnet funnel with copy for your confirmation and delivery email.

An opt-in page for the new Lead Magnet - written, built, and tested.

You get everything listed above, plus...

If you are looking for the full VIP experience, sign up for the Marketing Makeover VIP. 

VIP experience

Strategized and wrote a $100k launch for a client

Sold out a brand new program with ease

Added over 2600 subscribers to her list in 2 weeks with an optimized freebie!

Selling her course on automatic (w/o sales calls)



“Our campaigns generated amazing results, hitting firsts for our company from a sales perspective. Would recommend Jenn 1000x over.”

Caitlin - Wilder Harrier

“If you need help selling. If you need help creating a plan. If you just need someone to take it and make it wonderful - save your time. Hire this woman.”

Allison Venditti - Moms at Work

“The value Jenn provided in the time we had together was worth every cent. She helped me gain clarity in my offers, show value, and create a powerful and simple launch plan.”

Frannie - Mindset Coach

“Jenn will save you time and money by creating copy that leaps off the page, design that elevates your message, and a sales funnel that moves clients to buy$$$.”

Katherine - Founder of Daughter Rising

"These are gold. You are talented!"

Sara - Mountain Mom Strong

[re: first nurture funnel]

apply now!
VIP Experience
apply for the VIP Experience!

The investment for the
Marketing Makeover VIP is $5,997

The investment for The Marketing Makeover is $2,997

Or 3x monthly payments of $999

Or 3x monthly payments of $1999

(This includes copy and editing for your website, your lead magnet, and 7 emails for either your nurture funnel or launch funnel) 

Once you apply, I will send you an email with a link to book a call with me so we can chat more. On that call I will answer all of your questions about The Marketing Makeover.

Interested in
The Marketing Makeover? The first step is to apply:

Interested in The Marketing Makeover? The first step is to apply:

The Marketing Makeover is a high-touch service so I can only take on 5 clients every 90 days.

I am currently taking on clients to start in April.

It only takes a $500 deposit to secure your spot.

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