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Stop phoning in your email marketing and let’s finally set up a system that works  so you can sell out your waitlist, make more money, and change your little corner of the world. 

Upgrade your Email Marketing

Make More Sales

(More like the Email Marketing Fairy Godmother… 🪄✨)

You’re not even sure what’s actually working so you can double down on what will truly amplify your results. 😢

The hard truth? (Brace yourself, friend.)

You know exactly what you SHOULD do but the fact is… you’re not doing it.

  • You’re not writing regular emails to your list that drive business
  • You’re not posting the right content consistently on social media to grow your list
  • You’re not promoting a relevant lead magnet that attracts dream worthy clients
  • You’re not attracting new business and nurturing them in funnels
  • You’re not even tracking your leads!!!

***insert dramatic fainting here 🫠*** 

You’ve got
some big
dreams, and your business has MASSIVE potential. 

Hey Boss,

You’re busy serving customers and clients, living your beautiful life, and loving on your family and people. 🙃

The Problem?

Filling up a waitlist, crushing launches, and welcoming new clients every single day! 🤩

where you'd like to go:

Successful, but not much consistent growth. 😕

where you are now:

But you need more than duct tape and vision boards to hold your marketing together to get there!

You’ve got some big dreams, and your business has MASSIVE potential.

There are 3 ways we can work together:

Sound amazing?!
Good thing you're here!

You watch 10+ new leads apply to work with you and buy your products and services every month, without lifting a finger – all you have to do is show up and enroll 

You book out a waitlist and never again wonder where that next client is coming from (*insert massive sigh of relief here*)

You’re finally making the amount of money you’ve been wanting to make (but wondering how it’s even possible with a small, lean team. Spoiler: this is how)

You feel the sweet relief of having a functional, professional, legit email marketing system in place – like a real CEO (not just one who’s faking it while they make it)

You have a bigger impact in the world because you know you can reach more people with more ease now, and finally start to see the growth potential you’ve always dreamt of but never fully believed was possible… 






Because you know what happens when your email marketing system hits all the right notes? 

You could sell out your waitlist, make more money, and have clients banging down your door every single month. 

But imagine if...

We build out that coveted launch funnel that gets you from Step 1 to sold out in a matter of 10 weeks. We guide your audience down the yellow brick road of emails until they hit the emerald city that is your launch week.

OPTION 2: Launch Funnel

We build your long-term nurture funnel that makes you sales on autopilot. This funnel tells every single subscriber who hits your list who you are, how you help them, and how to buy from you.

OPTION 1: Nurture funnel
  • You KNOW that you should be using email marketing funnels.
  • You KNOW that you should be growing that email list and sending them through your funnel.
  • You KNOW that you should email that list waaaay more often than you are.

But it is one of those things that keeps getting put on the back burner. Because you’ve got clients that need help and social media to keep up with and invoicing to do and and and…

#1 - Done-for-You Funnel Build

Ok, love. Real talk time.

Enter me. Your magical email marketing fairy, here to grant all of your email marketing wishes. 🪄✨

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Your investment starts at $1500

Website copy edits
Blog posts
Email content strategy
Email copy
Nurture and Launch Funnels

Have you ever wanted a marketing wiz bestie to come in and help make all your biz dreams a reality?

#2 - Email Marketing and Copy Retainer

Never fear, Jenn Green is here!

If you are a biz owner who:

  • is so freaking busy that your to-do list keeps growing
  • feels like a 'best-kept-secret' and can't understand why they aren't booked out


Here are all of the ways I can help you:

Your investment starts at $997/month

#3 - Make More Money with Emails Course

I teach you, step-by-step, how to set up all of the emails you could ever need to grow, nurture, and sell to your email list!

Over the course of 12 weeks, I show you how to set up the 3 pillars of an email marketing system that makes sales on autopilot:
  • Growth (with my signature 3 opt-in strategy) 🚀
  • Nurture (with a nurture funnel that guides your subscribers) 💌
  • Sell (with one-two-punch evergreen and launch funnel) 💰

*Terrified of all of the writing? I've got you! Sign-up for MMM VIP and get my copywriting eyes on every single one of your emails.

Investment: $997


In Make More Money With Emails you will set up an email marketing ecosystem once and reap the rewards for years to come

If you need answers to your questions, send me an email and I will get back to you within 48 business hours.

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