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Successful, but not much consistent growth. 😕

Filling up a waitlist, crushing launches, and welcoming new clients every single day! 🤩

You’re busy serving customers and clients and living your beautiful life 🙃

You’ve got some big
dreams, and your biz has MASSIVE potential.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a legit email strategist swoop in, review your entire email marketing engine, and give it the tune-up (or replacement) it’s been desperately needing – without having to hire an impersonal and overpriced agency – you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Jenn Green, your soon-to-be business bestie and the marketing master you’ve been dreaming of. And I’m here to makeover your email marketing so you can easily grow your audience, enroll clients on automatic, book out your waitlist, and change your little corner of the world.

Hi Friend,I'm Jenn!

Hi,I'm Jenn!

Sound fun?


I believe the easiest way to do that is to have a fully functioning email marketing ecosystem that helps you scale your business, with or without ads. 

I also believe… Your work matters. Your joy matters. Your time matters. You deserve to make more money, without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself. 

The future is feminist, and it begins with you making more money.

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Oh hi!

Funnel fun!

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