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Email marketing made easy

I believe the easiest way to do that is to have a fully functioning marketing system that helps you scale your business, with or without ads. 

I also believe… Your work matters. Your joy matters. Your time matters. You deserve to make more money, without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself. 

The future is feminist, and it begins with you making more money.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a legit strategist swoop in, review your entire marketing engine, and give it the tune-up (or replacement) it’s been desperately needing – without having to hire an impersonal and overpriced agency – you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Jenn Green, your soon-to-be business bestie and the marketing master you’ve been dreaming of. And I’m here to makeover your marketing so you can easily grow your audience, enroll clients on automatic, book out your waitlist and change your little corner of the world.

Hi,I'm Jenn!

Hi,I'm Jenn!

Are you ready?


Strategized and wrote a $100k launch for a client

Sold out a brand new program with ease

Added over 2600 subscribers to her list in 2 weeks with an optimized freebie!

Selling her course on automatic (w/o sales calls)



“Our campaigns generated amazing results, hitting firsts for our company from a sales perspective. Would recommend Jenn 1000x over.”

Caitlin - Wilder Harrier

“If you need help selling. If you need help creating a plan. If you just need someone to take it and make it wonderful - save your time. Hire this woman.”

Allison Venditti - Moms at Work

“The value Jenn provided in the time we had together was worth every cent. She helped me gain clarity in my offers, show value, and create a powerful and simple launch plan.”

Frannie - Mindset Coach

“Jenn will save you time and money by creating copy that leaps off the page, design that elevates your message, and a sales funnel that moves clients to buy$$$.”

Katherine - Founder of Daughter Rising

"These are gold. You are talented!"

Sara - Mountain Mom Strong

[re: first nurture funnel]

If you are screaming 'Take my money!', choose your adventure below'

Add a legit marketing strategist and conversion copywriter to your team (Hey! That's me!)

Starting at $700/month

Marketing Retainer

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 Hire me, a certified funnel pro ™ who loves to create powerful nurture funnels that help you grow, nurture and sell to your audience.


Nurture Your Peeps

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tell me more!

This is the VIP treatment you've been looking for. 3 months to an upgraded client gen system you can bank on.


Marketing Makeover

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tell me more!
Have me personally get under the hood of your marketing engine and give it the tune-up it needs. We’ll move through five key phases:
  1. Audit
  2. Strategy
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing
  5. Review
Once we’re clear on your exact upgrade protocol, I’ll write or repurpose your copy and collateral so it actually works – AND get the tech set up too – so you can finally start seeing clients flow in, take action, and book out your waitlist like never before. 
tell me more!

3 months to an upgraded client gen system you can bank on

When it’s all over, the only question you’ll be asking is: 

What do I do with all this extra money?

Ready to make way more money?

The Marketing Makeover

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